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Kingdom Hearts 3: How to Use Grand Magic (Grand Mage Trophy/Achievement)

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Kingdom Hearts 3: How to Use Grand Magic (Grand Mage Trophy/Achievement)

How to Use Grand Magic for the Grand Mage Trophy/Achievement in Kingdom Hearts 3

Since the last generation of consoles, most modern games have been releasing with trophy and achievement lists, and Kingdom Hearts 3 is no different. Here’s what you need to know about using grand magic to get the Grand Mage trophy or achievement in Kingdom Hearts 3.

How to Use Grand Magic

  • Continue to use a magic spell that you want to use the more powerful versions of.
  • When the three arrows appear above your command bar, you’ll then be able to press Triangle on PS4, or Y on Xbox One to execute a Grand Magic spell.

First off, magic works a little differently in Kingdom Hearts 3 than in previous games. You used to be able to obtain higher level spells such as Fira and Firaga as you leveled up and progressed through the game, but things have changed in the third entry, and you can actually use them a little earlier without having learned the spell.

Near the beginning of Kingdom Hearts 3, when you first reach Olympus, you’ll have access to your basic spells like Fire and Water. Later on, you’ll learn second-tier spells like Fira and Watera. Once you obtain them, you’ll be able to start trying to use grand magic for the Grand Mage achievement.

In the third entry, you’ll accumulate small arrows on the top of your command bar as you execute attacks. Once you’ve accumulated three arrows, you’ll be able to hit the triangle button, or Y on Xbox One, to execute a special move.

The same works for grand magic. So, the more you cast Fire spells in succession, the quicker you’ll accumulate your arrows, and you’ll be able to cast higher tier spells that way. In the case of Fire, repeatedly casting it (assuming you have the MP for it, of course) will give you access to Fira. To use the grand-tier spells, you need to have learned at least Fira in order to have a chance of the prompt appearing.

Depending on how you specced Sora at the beginning of the game, you might be able to learn it a little earlier.

All you have to do is hit the button prompt once it appears, and you’ll have officially used grand magic.

How to Get the Grand Mage Achievement in Kingdom Hearts 3

  • You need to kill an enemy with grand magic. To do this, we suggest waiting until an enemy is on incredibly low health and quickly pulling off an attack before your AI teammates run in to finish them off.

That’s not all you need to actually get the Grand Mage achievement. For this trophy or achievement to pop, you need to have killed an enemy with grand magic.

This can be tricky to pull off, as your allies can easily finish off weaker enemies, and you’ll also need to time your attacks properly such that the grand magic prompt shows up right when you’ve weakened an enemy enough to kill it in one hit.

You should be able to get this achievement by playing through Kingdom Hearts 3 naturally, but if you’re having trouble, you can consider tweaking the AI settings to prevent your allies from being too aggressive.

And that’s all you need to know about how to use grand magic for the Grand Mage trophy or achievement in Kingdom Hearts 3. Be sure to check our guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.


Question: How do you use grand magic in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Answer: Repeatedly cast the second-tier version of the spell to accumulate more arrows above your command bar, then hit the triangle or Y button once the prompt for the higher level tier spell appears.

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