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4 Best Steam Games of December 2018


4 Best Steam Games of December 2018

4 Best Steam Games of December 2018

Katamari Dice REROLL

katamari damacy reroll

Starting off our best Steam games for December 2018, we have the quirky adventure game, Katamari Dice REROLL. This is an enhanced port of the 2004 adventure game on the PS2, with the same crazy roly-poly action.

If you’re a big fan of creative mayhem, REROLL is definitely up your alley. Controlling this small sticky ball, you scour the map looking for things to collect. Before you know it, you’re off running over skyscrapers, cars, and all sorts of other things found on the map.

At its core, REROLL is all about starting small. You’ll find yourself collecting small trinkets in tight stages. As you progress, you’ll be rolling over larger maps and collecting some even bigger items, offering a solid sense of progression.

The game does offer some quests and missions, making sure that you’re rolling on the right track. On top of that, there are also a few challenges apart from the main stages that have you collecting certain objects. REROLL’s charm lies with its simple gameplay and clever stages in its chaotic rolling madness.

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