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Smash Bros Ultimate: How to Get Gold & What It Does

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Smash Bros Ultimate: How to Get Gold & What It Does

How to Get Gold & What It Does in Smash Bros Ultimate

Smash Bros Ultimate is packed with all sorts of cosmetics and other nifty surprises locked behind a paywall. The thing is, though, that you’ll actually be using in-game gold to unlock all of them. Here’s how to get gold and what it does in Smash Bros Ultimate.

As with most games, gold is a valuable resource used to buy new items and other cosmetics. The same rings true in Smash Bros Ultimate, in which you’ll use your money to buy an assortment of different items and other knick-knacks in the store. Some of the things you can buy with gold are:

  • Mii costumes
  • Spirits
  • Music Tracks
  • Snacks

Of course, there are plenty of other items you can buy, assuming you’ve managed to gather enough gold. That said, you might be wondering how to stuff your pockets with as much money as possible.

How to Get Gold

The easiest way to get gold in Smash Bros Ultimate is by partaking in battles. Whenever you win a spirit battle, either through the spirit board or Adventure Mode, the game will reward you with money.

Similarly, you can also get gold as a bonus when you clear through any character’s Classic Mode. There are 74 different fighters in the game, so you can clear all of their modes for some hefty coins. Once you manage to rack up enough cash, you can take it over to the shop and spend your hard-earned money.

The third way to get gold in the game is by playing matches online. Whenever you beat a player you’ll get their Smash Tag as a reward. These tags can be sold later on for gold, you don’t get much about 8 gold per tag in our experience. However, if you’re playing a lot of matches you should be able to rack a lot up quickly.

To sell Smash Tags go to the Vault option from the main menu, and then select Records. Here you’ll see an option that says Smash Tags, so click on it and you’ll see all the Smash Tags you’ve collected. You can then hit R to sell and select the ones you want to get rid of, hitting Plus or Start at the end to finish tings out.

Where the Shop Is

To find the shop in Smash Bros Ultimate, head on back to the game’s main menu. From there, look for the Games & More option on the screen. The Shop menu should pop up after selecting that option. Simply check through the different items on sale and pick which ones you want to buy.

That’s pretty much everything you need to learn about how to get gold and what it does in Smash Bros Ultimate. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to take a look at our nifty wiki. The page is packed with other useful guides to help you learn your way around the game.

It’s filled with guides on how to unlock all characters, what the install size is, how to play as new characters such as Ridley, Incineroar, and Inkling, as well as how to get spirit points, how to level up spirits and how many spirits there are.

It really does have answers to everything you’re probably looking for, and if it doesn’t, shout out what you’re looking for and we’ll get back to you.

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