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Smash Bros Ultimate: How to Beat Curry Charizard (Ho-Oh Spirit Battle)

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Smash Bros Ultimate: How to Beat Curry Charizard (Ho-Oh Spirit Battle)

How to Beat Curry Charizard (Ho-Oh Spirit Battle) in Smash Bros Ultimate

Smash Bros Ultimate is stuffed to the brim with content to dig into, whether it’s playing a few Smash rounds online with your friends or making your way the lengthy Adventure Mode, World of Light. Curry Charizard is one of the tougher Spirit Battles you’ll find in this mode, so we’ll help give you some tips. Here’s how to beat Curry Charizard (Ho-Oh Spirit Battle) in Smash Bros Ultimate.

There are two different ways you’ll come up against Curry Charizard, either while adventuring in World of Light or randomly on the Spirit Board. It’s a Legendary Battle that has you fighting a giant Charizard with permanent curry breath, so you’re in for a challenge.

By far the easiest way to beat Curry Charizard in Smash Bros Ultimate is to equip a Support Spirit that comes equipped with a Franklin Badge. This handy item reflects all enemy projectile attacks, including curry breath. So by wearing this not only are you safe from Charizard’s breath but you’ll actually reflect damage back at it. 

In our experience, we had three different Spirits that equip you with a Franklin Badge in Smash Bros Ultimate; Ana, Dark Mind, and Sebastian Tute. All three of these Spirits can be found in World of Light before you reach the Ho-Oh Spirit Battle, just make sure you’re combing every area and keeping an eye out for particularly good Spirits.

Alternatively, you can get any of these Spirits on the Spirit Board randomly, or there might be another Spirit we haven’t found that gives you a Franklin Badge.

Take your best fighter in equipped with a Franklin Badge and then keep the pressure up on Charizard. You want to make sure you’re staying on the offensive and taking as little damage as possible, as taking too much can cause your Franklin Badge to fall off. Just keep the pressure up on Charizard and you should be able to KO them before long.

If you don’t have a Spirit with Franklin Badge this fight will, of course, be a lot harder to complete. It goes without saying that you should equip your absolute strongest Primary Spirit for the battle, preferably one that has three support slots.

Your best bet now is to use a character that has good ranged attacks, like Samus, Villager, Link, or Mega Man. From there, for your Support Spirits you should equip a ranged weapon like the Ray Gun or Rage Blaster, then equip another Spirit that boosts your damage from ranged weapons.

In the battle keep your distance from Charizard, try to pepper it with as many range attacks as you can. Samus works especially well here, as you can build up damage with your equipped weapon and launch Charizard off the platform. Then while Charizard is recovering, build up Samus’ energy shot with B, and once you’ve got Charizard in a good position hit it with your charged blast.

Continue to build up damage with your character’s ranged projectiles until you have Charizard at a ridiculously high percentage. Then your best bet is to try and slip in a powerful dash attack or Smash where you can. This fight isn’t going to be easy, but your best option is to build up a ton of damage so that one attack will send Charizard flying.

That’s everything you need to know about how to beat Curry Charizard (Ho-Oh Spirit Battle) in Smash Bros Ultimate. Now you’ve got another trusty Spirit under your belt. For even more tips and help, make sure to take a look at our Smash Bros Ultimate guide wiki. Here are a few other guides that you might want to check out.


Question: How do you beat Curry Charizard in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

Answer: The easiest way to beat Curry Charizard in Smash Bros Ultimate is to equip your best character with a spirit that has a Franklin Badge, as this reflects all enemy projectile attacks.

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