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PS4 vs Xbox One vs Switch: Which Console Is Set to Have the Best 2019?


PS4 vs Xbox One vs Switch: Which Console Is Set to Have the Best 2019?

PlayStation 4

Determining what 2019 looks like for the PlayStation 4 is like throwing a dart at a dartboard blindfolded — it could go really well, or it could turn out to be quite lackluster.

When you look at what we actually know about 2019 for the PS4, there’s a dearth of knowledge. Sure, we know that Days Gone is coming, and we know that PS4 console-exclusives Spelunky 2 and Shenmue III have been announced to release next year, but beyond that, everything is up in the air.

The Last of Us: Part II? Nobody knows. Ghost of Tsushima? Nobody knows. Death Stranding? Nobody knows. See the trend?

There are some great games coming exclusively to the PS4 sometime in the future, but they could very well release in 2020 and beyond. Yes, there are some great third-party titles coming to PS4, but if they’re coming to the Xbox and/or Switch as well, they don’t really add too much in this conversation.

Beyond the games, there’s the looming question of just what exactly Sony is doing with this console next year. They passed on a 2018 PSX and announced that for the first time in over two decades they won’t be at E3. We don’t really know the “why” behind these decision either.

Perhaps they’re passing E3 to host a PS5 announcement conference. But then wouldn’t they want to show that console off at E3? Perhaps they’re planning to take complete control of their media coverage and hold their own megalithic E3-like conference featuring their own products exclusively.

Nobody truly knows so only time will tell, but right now, 2019 is a big question mark for Sony and their console.

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