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Just Cause 4: How to Secure Regions


Just Cause 4: How to Secure Regions

How to Secure Regions in Just Cause 4

If you’re here it means you’re (hopefully) enjoying Just Cause 4, blowing up buildings and just about anything you see with sheer delight. If you are making your way through the campaign, you may be having trouble with the process of securing regions. After all, it’s not the most straightforward thing in the world. Here’s how to secure regions in Just Cause 4.

As you journey through the South American land of Solis, you’ll likely discover just how much fun it is to run around and secure regions. Not to mention, it’s kinda necessary if you’re going to put a stop to the Black Hand’s oppressive regime.

To start, make sure you have enough squads to assign within your Army of Chaos. When doing this, you can assign squads to Advance into new regions.

To do so, you’ll have to press the touchpad on PS4 to open the map and then select the name of a region. By pressing X, you can select the Advance Front Line option.

Keep in mind, you can only advance the front line through a region that’s next to the one you’re wanting to secure. Once you acquire new squads for your army, you’ll be able to advance your front line.

You’ll need to convince people to join you and you can do so by destroying Black Hand infrastructures and vehicles. You’ll notice this will create Chaos, which is displayed by a gauge on your HUD, and you will get two Squads for every Army of Chaos level you increase.

Once you have enough Chaos to recruit new people into squads, you’ll be notified. This will appear as an icon with two guns crossed over each other next to the gauge. At this point, you’ll be able to get to work with securing regions.

Also, you should note that you’ll need to complete missions in most regions to be able to advance into them. The missions you need to complete are marked with a white triangle icon on the map. Also, advancing into some regions also grants additional squads, allowing you to take over a few at one time. Most regions cost one or two squads, though.

That should cover everything you need to know about how to secure regions in Just Cause 4. As always, if there are any other parts you’re struggling with, we have a thorough Just Cause 4 guide wiki that is sure to help you out.

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