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Fortnite Firework Locations: Where to Launch Fireworks

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Fortnite Firework Locations: Where to Launch Fireworks

Where to Launch Fireworks in Fortnite

The Fortnite Season 7 challenges are coming thick and fast, and all of the recent ones have had their own festive themes. The latest has a distinctly New Year’s Eve celebration feel to it, tasking players to launch fireworks from specific locations. Here’s where to launch fireworks in Fortnite.

Essentially, what you’re looking for are small rockets stuck in the ground at certain locations. You don’t need to use any specific weapons or explosives to set these off — they’re simply objects you interact with across the environment.

When you interact with a firework, a notification will pop up on your screen before it launches. The animation, as you’ll discover, isn’t especially spectacular.

There are five rockets in five different locations across Fortnite’s map, but you’ll only need to set off three to complete the challenge.

It’s worth pointing out that you don’t have to actually complete the challenge in a single match.

We’ve highlighted them below on the map:

Fortnite, fireworks

As you can see, all of the locations are toward the edges of the map. Specifically:

  • The area formerly known as Risky Reels, by the houses north of The Block
  • Northeast of Wailing Woods
  • On the map’s southern shore, south of Paradise Palms
  • Southeast of Paradise Palms of the eastern shore of the map
  • Just south of Haunted Hills

That should be all the information about where to launch fireworks in Fortnite and complete this week’s challenge. For more useful guides and tips on the game, check out our handy wiki page.

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Question: Where do you go launch fireworks in Fortnite?

Answer: There are five different locations but you only need to set off three. The easiest locations to find are: the very South of the map from Paradise Palms; East of Paradise Palms; and North-West of Wailing Woods.

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