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Fallout 76: All Treasure Map Locations


Fallout 76: All Treasure Map Locations

All Treasure Map Locations in Fallout 76

The Wastelands of West Virginia are littered with plenty of secret treasures, simply waiting to be found by a brave wondering. Luckily, you won’t have to go about digging up every square inch of dirt in Fallout 76, as the game features treasure maps to help guide you to the spoils.

Here is everything you need to know about all treasure map locations in Fallout 76.

How Many Treasure Maps Are There

In total, Fallout 76 has 35 location that can only be found and looted while in possession of a treasure map. There are a few things you should know beforehand though.

In order to get the best loot from each location, it is recommended that you reach Level 50 first, as it will be scaled according to level. Everything you receive will be based on RNG though, so there is no guarantee you get anything particular from each area.

While each treasure can only be found if you have a map, you can also re-loot the same spot if you have multiple copies of the same map. Maps can be found through searching containers and enemy corpses.

Now that you know the logistics of the treasure, here is the location each one, in order of map number for each area.

Forest Treasure Maps (10 total)

  • South of Point Pleasant: Under a pile of rubble beneath the bridge
  • Southwest of Camp Adams: Under roasted meat
  • Northwest of Relay Tower HG-B7-09: Under monkey bars
  • Northwest of Anchor Farm: Near crashed airplane tail
  • West of Charleston Trainyard: In the train cart
  • North of Overseer’s Camp: Next to the water sensor
  • Widow’s Perch: Next to the billboard
  • Southwest of Morgantown Trainyard: In view of the railroad
  • Southeast of Summerville: In front of the hole in the grate of a house
  • Greg’s Mine Supply: In the rocks near the left of the water

Toxic Valley Treasure Maps (4 total)

  • West of Becker Farm: Located in the burnt down forest
  • Southwest of Clarksburg: In front of the water tower
  • Pioneer Scout Camp: Near the crashed sailboat
  • South of Crashed Spaceship: In front of the crashed spaceship

Ash Heap Treasure Maps (2 total)

  • North of AMS testing site: Just to the left of the gate and fence
  • West of Widow’s Perch: In front of the red jeep

Savage Divide Treasure Maps (10 total)

  • North of New Appalachian Central Trainyard: Between the blue and red train cars
  • North of Top of the World: Next to the ski hill sign
  • Solomon’s Pond: Next to the dock in front of the water tower
  • East of Blackwater Mine: Under the billboard
  • North of Palace of Winding Paths: Near the top of the cliff path
  • Savage Divide Towers: Ledge looking towards the towers
  • Northwest of North Cutthroat Camp: To the right of the picnic table
  • Autumn Acre Cabin: Jump down the ledge near the cabin
  • Fissure Site: On the hill before the rusted car

The Mire Treasure Maps

  • East of Hopewell Cave: Near the cabin
  • Northwest of Camp Venture: End of the railroad near the tunnel
  • Southwest of Southern Belle Motel: To the left of the road, near the trees
  • Crevasse Dam: Under the bridge
  • Excelsior Model Home: In the forest area to the right of the bridge

Cranberry Bog Treasure Maps

Fallout 76

  • Northwest of Watoga Civic Center: Under the bridge
  • Ranger Lookout: Near the tower, under the bridge
  • Overgrown Sundew Grove: Beside the big tree
  • Pylon V-13: Right in front of the pylon

That is everything you need to know about all treasure map locations in Fallout 76. For other tips and help on the game, check out our Fallout 76 guide wiki. Here are a few other guides you might find helpful while playing the game.

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