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10 Games You (Probably) Forgot Released in 2018

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10 Games You (Probably) Forgot Released in 2018

2018 was a landmark year for video games with heavy hitting AAA and indie releases alike. Most every month saw something memorable release, but as a result, several games were quickly forgotten by most.

As such, we’re here to refresh your memory with 10 games you (probably) forgot released in 2018.

*Author’s Note: This list applies to North American releases only. While some titles may have been released earlier in Japan, they will be included if they weren’t made available until 2018 in the west. Likewise, if a game saw a widespread release on multiple platforms, it was considered viable for an entry.*

10 Games You (Probably) Forgot Released in 2018

Lost Sphear

Prior to its release, there was a decent amount of excitement and hype around Lost Sphear.

Developed by The RPG Factory as a spiritual successor to the studio’s prior title I Am Setsuna, it looked to be a pleasant return to JRPG conventions of old from its storytelling to its world and character design.

Not only that, but it carried over and improved upon the strengths of I am Setsuna.

The music and art style were a perfect transition of classic JRPG aesthetics to the modern day, and its colorful world looked much livelier than I am Setsuna’s bleak winter world.

Since its release in January however, little has been said about the title. Part of this may be due to the fact that it was received with average reviews from critics and fans alike, but the fact that it released the same month as the AAA RPG title Monster Hunter World couldn’t have helped.

Whatever the case may be, Lost Sphear isn’t likely to be a title people talk about for years to come, but it still has plenty to offer to any classic JRPG fans who give it a try.

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