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10 Games That Could Be Breakout Hits in 2019


10 Games That Could Be Breakout Hits in 2019

Games That Could Be Breakout Hits in 2019



Every time footage of Biomutant is released, it continues to look like a wonderfully charming little game, and something wholly unique.

The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world filled with anthropomorphic creatures, after a poisonous oil has seeped up from deep below the earth and polluted the Tree of Life.

Biomutant is all about choice, and you’ll start the game by creating your very own raccoon-like creature. The big catch, however, is outfitting your creature with Affixes, devices that basically mutate them or certain body parts.

By doing this you can create some nightmarish combinations, like a raccoon with wing arms and rockets on its shoulders.

The level to which you can customize your mutant is incredible, right down to exact color and fur length. Combat looks like a fast and frenetic action-RPG that uses some comic book aesthetics to really make things pop, all while you’re going up against horrific enemies.

Biomutant definitely looks like it has some unique ideas, and the footage we’ve seen so far certainly looks impressive. It could easily end up being one of the sleeper hits of 2019, purely because of how wacky it is.

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