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Pokemon Let’s Go Natures Explained: Every Nature & What They Mean


Pokemon Let’s Go Natures Explained: Every Nature & What They Mean

Here Are All of the Natures in Pokemon Let’s Go and What Each Means

As in any modern Pokemon game, the natures in Pokemon Let’s Go are extremely important for those looking to take their strategy bit further and less so for those simply looking to beat the game. For the former, or anyone who is interested-but-not-sure-yet, here are all of the natures in Pokemon Let’s Go and what each of them mean.

First brought into the game in Generation 3 (Sapphire and Ruby), natures, at their most basic level, change statistics of your Pokemon. Your Pokemon is born with it and it’s the only one they’ll naturally have.

Each one increases one of a Pokemon’s stats by 10 percent and decreases another by 10 percent, creating a sort of balance of push and pull, depending on what you’re looking for in your team.

  • Hardy — increases speed – decreases speed
    • As you can tell, Hardy basically does nothing as the speed boost it yields a Pokemon is negated the by the speed decrease it gives
  • Lonely — increases attack – decreases defense
  • Brave — increases attack — decreases speed
  • Adamant — increases attack — decreases special attack
  • Naughty — increases attack — decreases special defense
  • Bold — increases defense — decreases attack
  • Docile
    • Like Hardy, this nature is neutral
  • Relaxed — increases defense — decreases speed
  • Impish — increases defense — decreases special attack
  • Lax — increases defense — decreases special defense
  • Timid — increases speed — decreases attack
  • Hasty — increases speed — decreases defense
  • Serious
    • Like Hardy and Docile, this nature is neutral
  • Jolly — increases speed — decreases special attack
  • Naive — increases speed — decreases special defense
  • Modest — increases special attack — decreases attack
  • Mild — increases special attack — decreases defense
  • Quiet — increases special attack — decreases speed
  • Bashful
    • Like Hardy, Docile and Serious, this nature is neutral
  • Rash — increases special attack — decreases special defense
  • Calm — increases special defense — decreases attack
  • Gentle — increases special defense — decreases defense
  • Sassy — increases special defense — decreases speed
  • Careful — increases special defense — decreases special attack
  • Quirky
    • Like Hardy, Docile, Serious and Bashful, this nature is neutral

As you can see, there are a lot of gamechanging natures. You wouldn’t want a Pokemon that specializes in Special Attack moves, like Alakazam, to be Adamant. Because of this, it’s important that anyone looking to truly strategize keeps an eye on their party’s natures.

Of course, while the nature of your Pokemon is the only natural one they’ll have, there are ways to force a new one on a Pokemon. Sadly, this new nature will only last a day.

Still, if you’re interested, head to Celadon City’s PokeMart and look for Madam Celadon. At the cost of 10,000, she’ll change your Pokemon’s nature for the day.

For more information about Pokemon Let’s Go, be sure to check out our Pokemon Let’s Go Wiki. There, you’ll find tips, tricks, walkthroughs and more to help you on your journey to become the best there ever was. Below, we also listed some other helpful guides.

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