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Overwatch: Who Ashe’s Voice Actor Is


Overwatch: Who Ashe’s Voice Actor Is

Who Ashe’s Voice Actor Is in Overwatch

Overwatch’s latest hero is bursting with spunk and sass, brought to life by an industry legend in the voice acting scene. If you’re wondering why her voice sounds so familiar, here’s who Ashe’s voice actor is in Overwatch.

Ashe made her debut back at BlizzCon over the weekend, stunning fans with a fun cinematic and a look at her kit. At the event, Blizzard also took the time to invite her voice actor for a panel with the rest of the Overwatch actors.

The hero’s voice actor is none other than actress Jennifer Hale, who is actually quite famous in the gaming scene. She’s no stranger to voicing various characters in other titles, such as Female Shepard in EA’s Bioshock series and Alex Roivas from the GameCube psychological horror game, Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem.

Jennifer Hale is also the voice behind more recent personalities, including Black Canary from Injustice 2 and Rosalind Lutece from Bioshock: Infinite. Moreover, you might have also heard Hale as Scarlet Witch, Samus Aran, Tira, Rogue, Black Cat, Cinderella, and Emma Emmerich.

Her portfolio isn’t just limited to video games as she’s also the voice behind Princess Morbucks from The Powerpuff Girls and (another one of her more iconic roles) Samantha “Sam” Simpson from Totally Spies.

With such an impressive portfolio and a powerful voice, it’s no wonder why Blizzard approached the voice actor to portray as Ashe. During BlizzCon, Jennifer Hale took the time to read some of the Overwatch hero’s voice lines during the event.

Despite her status as a newcomer, Ashe is already known for one particular voice line – her ultimate ability: “B.O.B., DO SOMETHING!” She calls on her omnic buddy B.O.B. to cause some ruckus on the battlefield, sending enemies in a daze and forcing them to flee.

Jennifer Hale was already the first choice Blizzard had in mind when casting Ashe’s voice actor in Overwatch. While they still held auditions, they eventually turned to the voice acting aficionado for the role.

With that said, now you know why Ashe’s voice actor sounds oh so familiar. You can play as Ashe and listen to her voice actor, Jennifer Hale, right now on the Overwatch PTR if you’re itching to try her out. Those playing on consoles might have to wait a bit longer before she hits the live servers, though.

If you’re looking for more coverage on Ashe and Overwatch, make sure to search for Twinfinite. We’ve got everything you need to know about Hero 29.

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