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Battlefield V: How to Heal


Battlefield V: How to Heal

How to Heal in Battlefield V

Battlefield V changes up how to heal from the last game in the series. The Attrition system in Battlefield V makes healing away from your squad far more difficult.

You’re limited to one health pack when you spawn in, and after that, the only way to regenerate health is to get resupplied by a medic on your squad via bandages or medical crates or to find a health station scattered around sparsely throughout the map.

How to Heal Yourself

To use your one starting health pack in Battlefield V, press up on the directional pad (assigned number on PC) while you are damaged. Think tactically about when you want to use that because once you do, it’s gone until you die or find another medic.

When you use a health pack, your health will slowly regenerate the part of your health that was permanently damaged, and then once past that, will quickly regenerate the rest.

As long as you stick close to your squad’s medic in Battlefield V, you can receive a steady stream of medical packs that you can use whenever you take damage.

If you’re not near a medic but need to heal fast, try to look for the medical cross sign on the map and make your way over to that location if there’s no medic on your squad that can help you.

How to Heal as a Medic

If you’re going to take up the noble and rewarding job of being your squad’s medic in, good for you! It’s a critically important role if your squad wants to have any longterm success working as a team. It’s the glue that keeps everyone together.

You start with one way to heal others in Battlefield V, but you can unlock a second way to heal when you reach level 4 as a Medic by leveling up.

First, let’s cover bandages. When near a squad member that needs health, press left on the directional pad to use your bandages (assigned number on PC). This will throw a pack over to your squad member that they can use to get their health back. Pretty simple.

If you’re using the medical crate gadget, same deal, press left on the directional pad to throw it down. This will provide fixed healing over time on a position that anyone on your squad can regroup to.

You have to weigh the benefits of both, and decide which is better for you in Battlefield V. Bandages provide you healing on the go and flexibility at the expense of needing to stick close to your squad and put yourself in harm’s way.

The Medical Crate, on the other hand, is simple, you place it down and forget it, but if you’re away from it, there’s not really much else you can do.

That does it for how to heal in Battlefield V. For more info about the game, take a gander at the latest multiplayer trailer, the most recent news on the status of its battle royale mode, and DICE’s approach to war stories this time around.

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