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Super Mario Party: How to Unlock Kamek’s Tantalizing Tower Board


Super Mario Party: How to Unlock Kamek’s Tantalizing Tower Board

How to Unlock Kamek’s Tantalizing Tower Board in Super Mario Party

Super Mario Party is out and so continues the timed honored tradition of fighting with your friends as the game slowly devolves into nothing but hateful words and insults. Aw, Good times. Mario Party has in the past required players to unlock various things from characters to boards and Super Mario Party is no different, with unlockable stages like Kamek’s Tantalizing Tower.

Super Mario Party surprisingly doesn’t have as many boards as you think it would with only three available at the start. The game also only has one unlockable board, a bright gold stage where you get up to three stars from one space. On blue spaces, you’ll receive six coins and lose six coins when landing on red spaces. The stage also includes a ball machine which when landed on will cause the price of each individual star to change anywhere from five to fifteen coins.

The board is called Kamek’s Tantalizing Tower and unlocking the stage isn’t at all that difficult. You’ll have to unlock it twice though, both in the standard Mario Party mode and another time through the Partner Party board.

To unlock Kamek’s Tantalizing Tower you need to complete the three other boards:

  • Whomp’s Domino Ruins
  • King Bob-omb’s Powderkeg Mine
  • Megafruit Paradise

The thing is you don’t even have to win on the boards to unlock Kamek’s Tantalizing Tower. Just playing on all three stages will get you the gold-clad stage. It’s the same deal with the Partner Party board. Just complete the three standard boards to unlock Kamek’s Tantalizing Tower board.

See it’s not that hard at all. Now get out there and ruin some friendships… I mean have fun with friends and family. Of course, you might want to unlock everything before playing with friends in that case we have guides just for that. For example, you might have a buddy who wants to play as Donkey Kong, well read our guide on how to unlock every character in Super Mario Party.

Also if you didn’t know you can now play online with your old college friends or even your next door neighbor. If you need to some help getting online we have a guide for that as well. And for all you completionists out there’s even some collectibles like gems. How do you collect the gems? Well, we’ve got you covered there as well.

That covers everything you need to know about how to unlock the Kamek’s Tantalizing Tower board. For even more tips and tricks on Super Mario Party, make sure to search Twinfinite.


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