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Super Mario Party: How to Get Gems & What They Do


Super Mario Party: How to Get Gems & What They Do

How to Get Gems & What They Do in Super Mario Party

Super Mario Party is all about making your friends absolutely hate you. Well, not all about it, really. There is a whole new thing pertaining to gems in the game. What are these gems? What do gems do? How do you get gems in Super Mario Party? Don’t worry, all these questions will be answered here.

First and foremost, I want to tamper your expectations. They’re just like fancy reward stickers for completing things within the game.

If you get a warm belly when you get an achievement or trophy, you’re going to be happy with these pats on the back. Here’s how to get them all to complete your collection.

Gem of Courage

In order to prove that you’re no chicken, you need to take a raging river head on and go through all the exits in the River Survival mode.

Gem of Love

True to its name, this jewel will pop if you place first in all of the Partner Party boards.

Gem of Passion

All you need to do to prove you’re passionate about the game is to finish Challenge mode.

Gem of Spirit

You’re going to need to get first in Normal, Remix, and Hard modes in the Sound Stage mode within the plaza section.

Gem of Tenacity

For this little ol’ piece of shiny, you simply need to get first place in all of the boards in the Mario Party section of the game.

While there’s not much of a reward for going through all the above trouble, it’s nice that there’s a small system of achievements found within the game. You know, on a system that usually wouldn’t have any sort of trophy system. Pretty neat, right?

But that’s all there is to it! That’s how you get all the gems in Super Mario Party and what they do. Nothing! Fun!

Get out there and play some more with your buds, that’s truly where the magic of the game lies. And if you have friends in long distance places, you’re going to want to know how to play online with them, too. Oh, and check this guide out if you want to know how to unlock all of the Super Mario Party characters in the game.

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