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SoulCalibur VI Tira: How to Get Tira (DLC Character)


SoulCalibur VI Tira: How to Get Tira (DLC Character)

How to Get Tira (DLC Character) in SoulCalibur VI

SoulCalibur VI brings back plenty of fan-favorite characters from the series for another round of intense action. Here’s how you can get Tira in SoulCalibur VI.

As it stands, there are a total of 22 playable fighters in the game – even including Geralt from the Witcher series. While you can play all of them off the bat, one particular character –Tira– might be missing from your game.

If you’re looking forward to playing as this ruthless assassin, you’re going to need to spend for her. Tira is one of the DLC characters in the game, so there are a few ways you can get her.

Getting Tira Through the SoulCalibur VI Season Pass

The first way is by paying for the SoulCalibur VI season pass. Not only does the season pass unlock the DLC fighter right away, but you also get access to her story along with a slew of different customization items.

The season pass doesn’t just come with her, however, as the package is complete with three extra playable characters and two armor packs. If you’re a big fan of the series and really want to play Tira, there’s no going wrong with this option.

Getting Tira Through the SoulCalibur VI Deluxe Edition

Another option you could go for is to buy the SoulCalibur VI Deluxe Edition instead. This beefed up version of the game comes with the season pass, along with a few other goodies.

This basically means you’re getting the same deal as the above (the DLC fighter along with her story and a few customization items) along with the full game, a soundtrack, and a metal case with a built-in soundbox.

If you’re a diehard SoulCalibur fan, you’ll probably want this Deluxe Edition in your radar. Just keep in mind that this version will set you back $89.99 digitally or $99.99 physically.

Getting Tira Through the SoulCalibur VI Collector’s Edition

The Collector’s Edition is hands down the best version of SoulCalibur VI if you ignore the price tag. This version comes with everything the Deluxe Edition has (including the Season Pass) along with a 12″ collectible Sophita figure.

This Collector’s Edition will cost $129.99 and honestly isn’t the best way to get Tira if you’re just solely chasing after her. Nonetheless, it’s still an option for those who do plan on picking this up.

Getting Tira Through the SoulCalibur VI DLC Pack 1

If all the other options aren’t cutting it, you can just grab Tira as a standalone DLC. SoulCalibur VI will launch with a DLC Pack 1 with the assassin included.

You can find this DLC Pack on your respective online store, either PSN or Xbox Store respectively, or just check the game’s “Store” tab to find it. If you really just want to play Tira, this is probably the best option.

That sums up everything you need to know about getting Tira in SoulCalibur VI. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our expansive SoulCalibur VI wiki for more guides.

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