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MapleStory 2 Fishing Guide: How to Go Fishing, Increase Fishing Proficiency & More


MapleStory 2 Fishing Guide: How to Go Fishing, Increase Fishing Proficiency & More

How to Go Fishing in MapleStory 2 – Fishing Guide

MapleStory 2 is filled with all sorts of different things to do, from the various different side quests down to your daily activities. Fishing, for example, is one of the many pastimes you can spend hours doing in the game. It’s not as straightforward as it might initially sound, though. You’ll need to get a fishing rod, know where to fish, and learn about fishing proficiency in MapleStory 2, too.

The seas are packed with fish just waiting to be caught, after all. If you want to be an angler yourself, here’s everything you need to know about fishing in MapleStory 2.


How to Get a Fishing Rod in MapleStory 2

Before anything else, you need to get your hands on a rod before you can start catching fish in MapleStory 2. You will get one as you progress through the story, or you can head on over to Tria or Evansville and look for the fishing merchant who sells rods. These merchants are usually fishing, with the words Fishing Supplies Dealers hovering above their head.

Once you have your equipment, simply head on over to a pool of water and double click your fishing rod from the Belongings menu. You will then use the keys to determine where you want to throw your bait, then use the spacebar to cast your rod.

When you start angling in MapleStory 2, you might come across a short mini-game. All you need to do here is just tap the spacebar so that the fish icon stays in the highlighted area until the lower meter fills up.

It’s worth noting that while you can stick to manual fishing, you can also set up auto fishing instead. This method allows you to leave the game alone while your character does all the work. Do take note, however, that doing this costs merits or coupons.


Where to Go Fishing

So now that you know how to fish, you might be wondering where to cast your lines in MapleStory 2. Luckily, finding casting spots is fairly easy as long as you can find an area with bodies of water.

As long as you see a block of water, you can use your rod and start catching some fish. In fact, you can even fish in oil, lava, and venom blocks. Try angling in certain dungeons to pull up all kinds of rare fish in MapleStory 2.

When it comes to finding the best and rarest fish in MapleStory 2, you will want to check areas such as Hemokan the Fallen dungeon, the Ludible Time Hall, and the Horus’ Nest dungeon. It’s worth noting that you will have to level your fishing proficiency if you want to catch the best fish. So let’s tell you a little bit about that.


How to Increase Fishing Proficiency in MapleStory 2

As with the other activities in the game, you can increase your fishing proficiency in MapleStory 2:

  • Beginner Anglers
  • Intermediate Anglers
  • Advanced Anglers
  • Professional Anglers

The first three angler proficiencies have up to four levels you will need to achieve before raising your rank.

To raise your proficiency, all you need to do is fish in areas with your matching fishing level. Moreover, make sure that you are catching quality fish with a high grade.

Your fishing proficiency basically determines what kind of fish and other items you can reel in. That being said, some of the other fish are locked according to their specific proficiency level. To catch the best and rarest fish in MapleStory 2, make sure you work hard on raising your level.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about how to fish in MapleStory 2. For more tips and tricks on the game, make sure to search for Twinfinite. We’ve also listed some of our most popular MapleStory 2 guides down below for you. Because we’re good like that.

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