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MapleStory 2: What the Best Class Is


MapleStory 2: What the Best Class Is

What the Best Class is in MapleStory 2

MapleStory 2 is the latest addition in the charming adventure game series. Here, players can create their own character and explore different lands while taking on a variety of quests. That said, you have the option of picking one of eight classes before you begin your adventure. Each class has its own unique skill set and abilities, setting them apart from each other.

The classes in MapleStory 2 comprise of the Knight, Wizard, Archer, Thief, Berserker, Priest, Heavy Gunner, and Assassin. While it may seem like they fall into damage and support roles, each class is perfectly capable of dealing damage and supporting other characters with their skills. One thing to note, however, is that Priests have slightly better support skills at the cost of lower damage output. However, when it comes down to picking the best class in MapleStory 2, the choice ultimately falls to your personal preference.

If you would rather slay enemies on the front lines and don’t mind taking damage for your team, you might want to consider looking at the Knight or Berserker class who both specialize in using greatswords and shields. Meanwhile, if you like fighting from a distance, the Archer, Heavy Gunner, or Assassin role might right up your alley. These fighters use guns and bows to attack or throw items at their enemies to fight back. On the other hand, those who prefer more of a magical play style would want to look at the Wizard or Priest class in MapleStory 2. They can dish out a solid amount of damage with an assortment of powerful spells at their disposal.

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