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7 Games Like Until Dawn If You’re Looking For Something Similar


7 Games Like Until Dawn If You’re Looking For Something Similar

Until Dawn was a smash hit when it released on PS4, seemingly coming out of nowhere to become one of the favorite games of the year. The game used typical horror tropes in some fun ways, looped in meaningful player choice, and some smart twists on gameplay for the narrative adventure genre. Until Dawn is, of course, unique but if you’re looking for something similar there are still a few recommendations we can make. Here are seven games like Until Dawn.

The Inpatient

Games Like Until Dawn

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Well shucks, guys, of course the prequel is going to qualify as a similar game. It’s not like they did a complete 180 and opted for a dancing game instead, as awesome and marketable as that idea sounds.

It follows the same premise as Until Dawn (spooky bad guys looking to do you harm and possibly unwelcome tickling), but The Inpatient is unique enough to warrant giving a shot as well, if you’re willing to overlook its flaws.

It’s a little plodding and samey, which are not adjectives you’d like to associate with a survival horror game, but it can still really startle you on occasion. This kind of genre was tailor-made for the PlayStation VR, and though it doesn’t come near hitting the kind of heights Resident Evil VII managed, it’s still worth a look-in (or check in, to be more accurate).

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