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The Inpatient: Can You Play Without a VR Headset?


The Inpatient: Can You Play Without a VR Headset?

Can You Play The Inpatient Without a VR Headset?

The Inpatient is the latest title from Supermassive Games, and acts as a prequel to the developer’s 2015 hit, Until Dawn. Built with PlayStation VR in mind, The Inpatient puts players in the role of an… er… inpatient at Blackwood Pines Sanitorium and it’s down to players to work out what they’re doing there and how to escape. Though The Inpatient is definitely going to be at its best hooked up to a PlayStation VR, some players may be wondering if they can still play the game out of VR on their TV.

Unfortunately, the game is exclusive to PlayStation VR and cannot be played on just your TV. The official page for the game over on the PlayStation site also makes a point of stating that PSVR is required.

This is sure to be disappointing news to Until Dawn fans who didn’t want to splash out on a PSVR to enjoy the latest title from Supermassive Games. Though it’s unlikely to happen, we’ll be sure to update this post if the game becomes playable on your TV without VR. For now, though, if you’re itching to play it, you’ll need to get yourself a PSVR. It might even be worth asking your friend if you can borrow theirs (if anyone you know has one). The game is only a short experience, so you won’t be taking their PSVR from them for too long.

For more on The Inpatient, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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