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Fortnite Tournaments Explained: How to Play In-Game Tournaments, What They Do, & More


Fortnite Tournaments Explained: How to Play In-Game Tournaments, What They Do, & More

How to Play In-Game Tournaments, What They Do, & More in Fortnite

For a while now, players have been clamoring for a more competitive mode in Fortnite that the larger population of players could access. Sure, the Summer Skirmish and Fall Skirmish events have offered the biggest and best players a platform to compete on, but there was nothing like a ‘Ranked’ mode in the general game. Finally, our prayers have been answered and in-game tournaments have now arrived in Fortnite. Here’s a complete rundown on Fortnite tournaments in the game, including how to play, what they do, and a bunch more helpful information.

What In-Game Tournaments Are

As mentioned in Epic Games announcement of Fortnite’s in-game tournaments, these are “open to everyone and provide an opportunity for every player to compete directly alongside the pros for prizes and glory.” Currently, there are five Fortnite tournaments listed under the ‘Events’ tab in the game. Some of these are solo events, while one or two provide the opportunity for Duo and Squad competitive play, too.

fortnite tournaments, fortnite in-game tournaments

Details haven’t yet been shared regarding what other in-game tournaments we could see in the future, but the general layout of these tournaments tends to remain the same. Players will earn points by racking up set amounts of eliminations in a game, as well as surviving to reach the final 10, three, and ultimately, earning that Victory Royale. We’ve included a screenshot above to give you an example of the first of the Fortnite tournaments coming to the game.

It’s worth noting here that tournaments are region specific, and so times and dates for the very same Alpha Tournament for players around the world may vary to the European times we’ve got above.

How to Play In-Game Tournaments

If you fancy yourself a bit of a pro at Fortnite and want to put your skills to the test, then you’ll likely want to know how to play in-game tournaments in Fortnite. This is incredibly simple. Under the new ‘Event’ tab which you can find along the top of the lobby screen, you’ll find all of the upcoming, planned Fortnite tournaments you can enter.

fortnite tournaments, fortnite in-game tournaments

If you select a tournament, you’ll then get a breakdown of the rules, as well as the different event dates and time schedules. When you’ve noted the time a specific tournament starts, you’ll then want to return to the Lobby screen.

From here, you then want to change the game mode. When the tournament is live, you’ll see the name appear and the option will be available. Select it and search for a game as you would any other mode in Fortnite.

It’s worth noting that as you gain points in a tournament, you’ll compete against tougher opponents with similar scores. That way, everyone’s playing on a fairly balanced playing field. You also get that Ranked or Competitive Match-style mode that Fortnite has been missing up until this point.

Why You Should Care About In-Game Tournaments

If you earn enough points for a specific in-game tournament, you can unlock a shiny pin. For now, these are just a means of showing off that you’re a seasoned competitive player. However, in the future, Epic Games has hinted that “earning a pin may advance you to the next round of a tournament or qualify you to win prizes.”

Though no specifics have been shared on exactly what that means as of yet, we’re excited just thinking of the possibilities.

It’s also worth noting that Fortnite’s in-game tournaments don’t separate players based on controller input. Whether you’re using mouse and keyboard, controller, or touch controls on a mobile device, everyone’s grouped in together. This is to enable equal opportunity for all players, regardless of their preferred platform.

That’s all you need to know about in-game tournaments. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more news on Fortnite tournaments as they crop up. Be sure to check out our Fortnite Season 6 wiki for more tips, tricks, and information on the game. We’ve even listed some of our most popular guides for the current season down below. We’re good like that.

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