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FIFA 19 Icon SBCs Explained: How to Complete Prime Icons Set 1 SBCs


FIFA 19 Icon SBCs Explained: How to Complete Prime Icons Set 1 SBCs

How to Complete Prime Icons Set 1 SBCs in FIFA 19

Here’s everything you need to know about how to complete the Prime Icons Set 1 SBCs in FIFA 19.

While we knew before the game released that there’d be more Icons in FIFA 19 than the series has seen before, we didn’t know if Icon SBCs would feature. That was until today.

EA Sports has now released the first set of Prime Icons SBCs, and just as they did with the League SBCs, you can now choose between a few different players with Pick Packs.

The players you can choose from when you complete the Prime Icons Set 1 SBC in FIFA 19 are:

  • Fernando Hierro
  • Gennaro Gattuso
  • Jay-Jay Okocha
  • Marc Overmars
  • Lev Yaskin

Requirements to Complete Prime Icons Set 1 SBCs in FIFA 19

The requirements for the five players are all the same, and once you’ve completed the set of seven SBCs once, you can do them all again to get another player. The seven squads you need to create require:

  • Humble Beginnings: 11 Rare Players, All Exactly Bronze, Min. 75 Chemistry – Best thing to do is stick to one league as well as possible. Choose one of the lowest English leagues, or something like the Korean league because there’s a lot of players and they’ll be cheap since they’re undesirable players and don’t have a League SBC.
  • Rising Talent: Same as above, but for Silver players. Use the same tactics for the squad.
  • World Class: Eight Rare Players, Exactly Gold, Three in-forms, Min. 70 Chemistry. Best thing to do here is build a squad of eight players from one league, any league, and add in the three cheapest in-forms you can find after, since you’ll have enough chemistry without any additional links.
  • Iconic: One Icon, any icon. They’ll be up at around 450-500k coins at this point, if you buy one from the transfer market.
  • 84-Rated Squad: 84 Rated Squad, one in-form, Min, 80 Chemistry. This will be tricky since the Eden Hazard POTM and Flashback Juanfran SBCs have made many high rated players extinct, but the best thing to do is choose a league or nationality and stick with it, then add any in-form in at the end.
  • 85-Rated Squad: Same as above, but needs to be an 85 rated Squad.
  • 86-Rated Squad: Same requirements as the 84-rated Squad, but need to be 86 rated. Same idea applies to completion tactics.

Once you’ve completed all of the of the Prime Icons Set 1 SBCs, you’ll be given the chance to open a Player Pick Pack and choose from the five Prime Icons. You’ll also be able to open all the packs you have been granted.

Keep in mind, before you complete these SBCs, however, that every one of the Icons on offer can be bought from the transfer market, at the time of writing, for less than the Prime Icons Set 1 SBCs cost to complete. You can expect to pay upwards of 750k (according to FUTBIN) coins to complete it for an untradeable card.

That’s all there is to know about how to complete the Prime Icons Set 1 SBCs in FIFA 19. For more tips and tricks on the game, check out our FIFA 19 wiki guide.

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