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FIFA 19 Ultimate Team: How to Get Icons


FIFA 19 Ultimate Team: How to Get Icons

How to Get Icons in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

Icons return once again in FIFA 19, allowing you to add some of your favorite players from history to your Ultimate Team. This year, there are more Icons in the game than ever before. You see returning favorites such as Ruud Gullit and Thierry Henry and brand new ones like Rivaldo and Johan Cruyff, and you’ll be wanting to get them into your squad as soon as you can. Here is everything you need to know about how to get Icons in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team.

The first way to get Icons in FIFA 19 is pretty much down to luck. Any pack that contains gold players, so anything from a Gold Pack to an Ultimate Pack, could contain an Icon. Of course, they’re very rare, and you’ll have to be very lucky to pack one. For example, I have opened hundreds of packs over the last few years, and have never packed an Icon. All you can do is keep your fingers crossed that you’re one of the lucky ones.

The other way to get Icons in Ultimate Team is to complete the Prime Icon Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). They haven’t been confirmed but they’ll likely be released periodically over the course of the year. Since there are so many this year, you can probably expect multiple Prime Icon SBCs to be released each week, starting on FIFA 19’s full release date.

Which players will be available when, we don’t know, but last year EA kept most of the top level ones back until the latter months of the game’s life-cycle. You’ll have the chance to get these coveted legendary players in the game throughout the year. Once they’re out, complete the set of challenging SBCs and the Icon will be yours to play with.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Icons in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our FIFA 19 wiki guide.

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