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Destiny 2 Forsaken: How to Get Reverie Dawn Armor


Destiny 2 Forsaken: How to Get Reverie Dawn Armor

How to Get Reverie Dawn Armor in Destiny 2: Forsaken

The latest DLC for Destiny 2, Forsaken, introduces a lot of cool new elements that are home to a specific area, The Dreaming City. Alongside plenty of hidden chest and quests, an interesting new armor set can be unlocked in this area, known as Reverie Dawn armor.

This legendary armor set is available for every class in the game, carrying a unique ability with it called Riven’s Curse. Whenever a Guardian equips a piece of this armor while in The Dreaming City, they do extra damage. However, keep in mind, that you’ll take more damage too. You can remove the negative aspect of that by apply a Transcendent armor mod over the Riven’s Curse. We’ll get to that in a second though. Here’s how to get Reverie Dawn armor.

Since Reverie Dawn is specific to The Dreaming City in Destiny 2, the best way to get Reverie Dawn armor is to complete bounties from Petra that reward legendary gear. The drops from these bounties will be tied to The Dreaming City. It might be weapons instead of the armor you’re looking for, but that’s your best bet.

The next best way to discover and complete secret events. For example, turning in the Small Gift items that you pick up to the little cat statues that are hidden around The Dreaming City will reward you with something from loot pool which might be the armor piece that you want. Completing the Corsair Down bounty also can possibly reward you as well (although not all the time).

Once you get a piece of Reverie Dawn armor, you’ll eventually want to remove the Riven’s Curse mod, with the Transcendent Blessing. Transcendent Blessing is obtained through completing Offering quests from Petra. The offering is obtained by completing the weekly Blind Well bounty from Petra. Once you get the offering, return the Oracle, and present it to the console located there. You’ll be rewarded with legendary gear, which again, could include Reverie Dawn, but you’ll also get a bounty as well.

These bounties can be quite challenging, such as killing Knights while in the Ascendant Realm. Or easier such as simply clearing The Corrupted while Ascendant. It varies from week to week, but when you complete these bounties, you’ll get the Transcendent Blessing mod.

That is how to get Reverie Dawn armor in Destiny 2: Forsaken. For more helpful guides and other useful information, be sure to check out our guide wiki for all things Destiny 2: Forsaken.

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