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Top 10 Best Open World Video Games of All Time


Top 10 Best Open World Video Games of All Time

Open world games have risen up as one of the most popular video games genres out there in recent years. Tons of acclaimed open world games have contributed to this, each adding their own unique spin and setting. A few of these simply stand out above the pack, however. Here are the 10 best open world games of all time.

Top 10 Best Open World Games of All Time

Batman: Arkham City

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Batman: Arkham Asylum was a revelation for superhero games, a title that really made you feel like Batman, and sported a fantastic original story to boot. Arkham City doubled down on everything from the first, also adding in a gorgeous open world Gotham to explore.

There are tons of crimes to stop and side content to mop up, as you swing and grabble through the dingy streets as Batman. Arkham Knight and Arkham Origins would follow up on this open world design, but they just can’t top the sheer level of immersion of Arkham City’s open world brings.

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