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Spider-Man PS4: How to Open the Map


Spider-Man PS4: How to Open the Map

How to Open the Map in Spider-Man PS4

Now that Spider-Man has landed on the PlayStation 4, Insomniac’s open world version of New York City is fully realized and available for players to swing around as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Players will be able to take the opportunity to fly through the skyscrapers and partake in a 20 hour-long story featuring an older, more mature Peter Parker fighting a menagerie of iconic Spider-Man villains while unraveling a maniacal plot. Along with the main story, there are a plethora of side quests and backstory caches in the form of old backpacks that Peter Parker has strewn about the island.

With a plethora of activities to keep track of, players are going to need a map to keep track of all of the different activities the players can partake in, especially with the landmark tasks.

The landmark tasks play off of the geography of New York City by having players take Spider-Man to different tourist spots to gain experience points and different resources.

So having a tool like a map can be incredibly useful to keep track of all the different activities. Here’s how you access the map in Spider-Man PS4.

The map can be quickly and simply brought up by pressing the large, central touch pad in the middle of the PlayStation’s DualShock 4 controller. Once open, players can pan around the map with the right joystick and zoom in or out with the right and left triggers (R2 and L2) respectively.

Using the R1 and L1 bumpers allow players to swap between different menu windows, like to the move list, for example. A custom waypoint can be set for points-of-interest unrelated to assigned quests or tasks by pressing the X button.

For more tips and tricks on Spider-Man PS4, make sure to check out Twinfinite’s wiki for beginner advice, trophy guides, easter eggs, and much more.

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