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Spider-Man PS4: Who Martin Li Is


Spider-Man PS4: Who Martin Li Is

Who Martin Li is in Spider-Man PS4

The brand new Spider-Man game is a PS4 exclusive title that puts you in the shoes of Peter Parker and the iconic superhero. It’s been a while since Peter Parker last roamed NYC back in his glory days on the PS2, but he’s finally back once again. As you follow a brand new main story set in New York City, you’ll run into several familiar faces who can either be allies or villains. One of the first people you’ll meet is Martin Li.

This post contains some spoilers pertaining to the identity of Martin Li. If you’d rather enjoy Spider-Man PS4’s story on your own without spoilers, we advise you turn back now.

You’ll first meet him at the local shelter that Aunt May works at. As it turns out, he’s actually her boss, and he’s introduced as a philanthropist and he seems like an all-around good guy.

However, it’s also easy to see that there might be something fishy about this guy, and if you’re familiar with the comics and Spider-Man lore, you’ll instantly know that Martin Li is actually a villain from the comics, known as Mister Negative.

And, well, if you’ve seen any trailers or gameplay footage of this game beforehand, you’ll already know that Mister Negative is one of the villains you’ll have to take down. So, obviously, he’s a bad guy.

According to the comic book lore, Martin Li was an illegal Chinese immigrant who stole the identity of one of the passengers on the crashed ship he was on (the real Martin Li), and he later became one of the most fearsome crime lords in Chinatown once he reached America.

In order to cover up his identity, he engages in philanthropic work and opens shelters to help the poor and homeless, but he engages in criminal activity on the side.

That does it for who is Martin Li in Spider-Man PS4. Be sure to search for Twinfinite or check our wiki for more information on Spider-Man on PS4.

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