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Spider-Man PS4: How to Fast Travel


Spider-Man PS4: How to Fast Travel

How to Fast Travel in Spider-Man PS4

As you’d expect from a game that follows the escapades of the famous web-slinger, Insomniac’s Spider-Man PS4 takes place in Manhattan, New York. As you explore the concrete labyrinth, you’ll probably want to get to where you’re going quickly, skipping all the random enemy encounters that take up time. To do so, you’ll want to know how to fast travel between the different sections of Manhattan. Well, here’s everything you need to know about how to fast travel in Spider-Man PS4.

You will not be able to fast travel in Spider-Man PS4 from the start of the game. You will have to play some of the story to unlock it, but it’s clear once you’re given the ability to do so.

Once you’ve unlocked it, however, you can use it by opening up the game’s map by pressing the touchpad on your controller. You can then select any completed location to travel to quickly. You can also fast travel to locations like your house, F.E.A.S.T, or a police station.

You will unlock more fast travel points for you to jump too quickly as you complete locations (such as research stations) or unlock more of the map when scrambling radio towers around Spider-Man PS4’s version of New York City.

You can also use one of the many subway stations if you’re near one to get around quickly. All you have to do is head down the steps of one of them and the map will open up by itself. It’s just a long-winded way of opening the in-game map, but it is tied to the unlocking of a trophy.

That’s all you need to know about how to fast travel in Spider-Man PS4. For more on the game, be sure to check out our ever-growing wiki guide.

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