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Spider-Man PS4: All Easter Eggs We’ve Found in the Game So Far


Spider-Man PS4: All Easter Eggs We’ve Found in the Game So Far

Up to release, eagle-eyed fans were able to pick out a number of nods to the Marvel Universe in Spider-Man PS4 trailers. Now that the full game has launched, the curtains have been pulled back. Here are the easter eggs we have found so far in our time with Spider-Man PS4. Spoilers incoming!!

All Easter Eggs We’ve Found in Spider-Man PS4 So Far

The Obligatory Cameo

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There has always been one common thread in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and that is that Marvel Comics creator and pop culture icon Stan Lee has a cameo. Every one of the 20 films has Stan Lee in them at some point as a cute little nod to fans. But does he break into the gaming universe? It turns out that he does!

Stan Lee appears early on in the first act of Spider-Man on PS4. Without going into spoilers, Lee actually plays a part in progressing the story, which sets this appearance apart from his cinema cameos.

Lee was actually the co-creator of Spider-Man, along with the recently departed Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby. Spidey’s first appearance was in Amazing Fantasies #15 in August of 1962. The surprising success issue garnered a full series for the wall-crawler and the first issue of The Amazing Spider-Man was published in March 1963.

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