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NBA 2K19: Best Archetypes for Your Player


NBA 2K19: Best Archetypes for Your Player

What the Best Archetypes Are for NBA 2K19

This year’s basketball title from 2K continues the dual archetype concept introduced in NBA 2K18, giving players the choice to select multiple specializations so they can build the best character that suits their preferred play style. Choosing the right archetype combination in NBA 2K19 is essential if you want to attain the highest possible stat caps for certain attributes. This also impacts badge availability and badge levels, which means certain passive and active perks can only be accessed by certain archetypes.

Firstly, you need to determine the skills and attributes you value the most, because creating the perfect character with fully maxed out stats is not possible in NBA 2K19. Take note that select archetypes are only available in certain player positions, so you truly need to plan everything wisely. With NBA 2K19 having hundreds of archetype combinations to choose from, we can only recommend a few normally sought after builds that might suit your play style.

If you want a character that can sink every single three-point shot, then you might want to consider having a pure sharpshooter archetype by setting both primary and secondary skills to 3PT shooting. This build is extremely one dimensional, as your character will only excel at making any type of jump shot over the three-point line and will have average to mediocre stats for everything else. Nonetheless, your character will have a ton of highly desirable badges under the Hall of Fame and Gold tier. This includes the Deep Range Deadeye for increasing your chances against contested deep range shots, Catch & Shoot for nailing standing shots after receiving a pass, and Corner Specialist for improved three-point shot accuracy on corners.

For one of the more balanced archetypes for your character in NBA 2K19, you might want to opt for a slashing shot creator archetype by choosing Shot Creating in the primary skill and Driving & Finishing as the secondary trait. This archetype can perform well on the offensive front of the court, boasting a high layup and dunk attributes and modest ratings for jump shots in the twos and threes.

If you fancy breaking some ankles on the court and getting perfect green releases, then the Playmaking Shot Creator archetype might be suitable for you in NBA 2K19. This archetype can be set by toggling Shot Creating and Passing & Ball-Handling in the primary and secondary skill, respectively. The Playmaking Shot Creator archetype can also move fast on the court, efficiently land jump shots, and sink layups or dunks with ease.

Other notable archetypes in NBA 2K19 that you might want to check out include the Slashing Shot Creator for those who prefer a better finishing ability over shooting, and the Sharpshooting Defender for gamers who want to land accurate shots without sacrificing their defensive capabilities.

For more useful tips and tricks about NBA 2K19, make sure to check our wiki.

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