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Fortnite Season 6: What Level 30,000 XP Is


Fortnite Season 6: What Level 30,000 XP Is

What Level 30,000 XP Is in Fortnite Season 6

With the arrival of Fortnite Season 6 also comes the arrival of a brand new Battle Pass. Loaded with new skins, sprays, emotes, and now even pets. Fortnite delivers new changes to the map as well in Season 6. Loot Lake has been transformed by the purple cube rolling around over the last few weeks and players have already hopped in to see what’s going on. One thing that has returned from last season are multi-stage skins. Similar to the Drift and Ragnarok skins the new tier 100 skin Dire also has unlockable stages. And if you want to get Dire’s second stage, you’ll probably want to know what level 30,000 XP is in Fortnite Season 6.

Through gaining XP, players will begin to unlock the six stages of Dire. In order to reach his second stage, you’ll need to hit 30,000 XP. With the way Fortnite works, a set amount of XP can be tied to a Season Level. As such, you can figure out what level 30,000 XP is in Fortnite Season 6 by taking a looking at an XP chart. Unfortunately, the only XP chart currently available is for Season 5, but chances are this has stayed the same. We’ve used this to base what level 30,000 XP is in Fortnite Season 6, so you at least have a rough idea of what you’re aiming for.

The first stage after unlocking Dire at tier 100 comes at 30,000 XP. This threshold is reached slightly above level 23, which most of you will be well passed by the time you make it to Tier 100.

How to Reach 30,000 XP Fast in Fortnite Season 6

Level 23 can be obtained by winning matches and just completing the weekly and daily challenges as they come out. Don’t worry about unlocking every stage of Dire this season, because progression for multi-stage skins continues into the following season. This is just the beginning of the grind, however, because Dire will take much much more than that to reach its full potential. Dire goes from ordinary human to werewolf as you unlock more stages and as can be seen in the picture below that transformation happens pretty quickly.

what level 30,000 XP is in Fortnite Season 6

Fortnite Season 6 is packed with new loot, map changes, and secrets to discover so be sure to hop in and see for yourself.

That’s pretty much all you need to know about what level 30,000 XP is in Fortnite Season 6. For more tips, tricks, and guides be sure to check out our Fortnite Season 6 Wiki.


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