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FIFA 19 Ultimate Team: How to Get the Journey Rewards

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FIFA 19 Ultimate Team: How to Get the Journey Rewards

How to Get the FIFA 19 Journey Rewards in Ultimate Team

FIFA 19 Ultimate Team continues the trend from past games, letting players assemble their very own dream team from scratch and compete against others in both single modes and online multiplayer. That said, Ultimate Team offers some pretty cool FIFA 19 Journey Rewards for playing, so it’s definitely something you should look into. Here’s how to get the many FIFA 19 Journey Rewards in the game.

To grab your FIFA 19 Journey Rewards in Ultimate Team, all you basically need to do is simply play the game. As you progress, you’ll automatically earn these rewards at the end of certain chapters. Whatever you earn will automatically go to Ultimate Team. From there, you can head on over to the said mode and assign them accordingly. These FIFA 19 Journey Rewards basically boil down to finishing the different chapters in the game. The items include an in-form version of Alex Hunter’s dad and a version of Alex Hunter and Danny Williams.

Away from FIFA 19 Journey Rewards, those who are big fans of Ultimate Team will be pleased to learn that the mode is getting an all-new feature called Division Rivals. Here, you can challenge players around your skill level for a chance to earn weekly rewards. Meanwhile, you can also unlock new Icons. The Icons include Johan Cruyff, Rivaldo, Steven Gerrard, and Eusebio. The UEFA Champions League is also coming to the Ultimate Team, bringing along some of the most prestigious club competitions complete with live themed content. You should be able to get those themed players soon.

That’s everything for how to get FIFA 19 Journey Rewards and features to unlock in Ultimate Team. For tips and tricks, be sure to drop by our expansive FIFA 19 wiki filled with other useful guides.

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