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FIFA 19: How to Get Skill Points


FIFA 19: How to Get Skill Points

How to Get Skill Points in FIFA 19

Skill points are a pretty crucial part of FIFA 19‘s The Journey: Champions and Pro Clubs game modes. While one will see you pouring your skill points into the young wonderkid Alex Hunter in a narrative-driven season of games, Pro Clubs sees you controlling a single player in a squad made up of your friends as you take on an opposing team.

Regardless of the differences in how each of these game modes works in FIFA 19, these points are used for exactly the same thing in each one – they can be spent to improve your player’s (or Hunter’s) stats and attributes, improving their overall rating in the process. As such, you’ll no doubt be wanting to know how to get skill points in FIFA 19.

To get skill points in FIFA 19’s The Journey, you’ll need to put in some strong performances as Alex Hunter. Complete the additional objectives, get on the score sheet, and avoid making rash or unnecessary tackles. As has been the case in the previous chapters of Hunter’s story in The Journey, putting in good performances during training drills will also help to increase Hunter’s stats and status in the team, but do not grant skill points.

If you’re after knowing how to get skill points in FIFA 19’s Pro Clubs, it’s very much the same premise. You’ll be given a handful to invest in your player when you first create them in the game, and after that, you’ll have to earn skill points. Scoring, getting assists, good team play, and staying in position will help give you a high match rating. High match ratings convert to general increases in your player’s stats, and will also grant these points, too.

It’s worth noting, however, that the drop rate of these skill points in FIFA 19 Pro Clubs does slow down pretty quickly the higher your overall rating, so don’t expect to have a 99-rated player any time soon.

Finished up the Journey? Make sure to claim your Journey rewards in Ultimate Team once you have!

That’s all you need to know to get skill points in FIFA 19. For more tips, tricks, and information on the game, be sure to check out our ever-expanding FIFA 19 wiki guide.

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