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Dragon Quest XI: How to Get Money (Gold) Fast


Dragon Quest XI: How to Get Money (Gold) Fast

How to Get Money (Gold) Fast in Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest is finally back in the west with the release of Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, and there are more than a few ways for players to lose themselves in the promising new entry in the storied RPG franchise.

Set in an open world full of nefarious villains, dangerous monsters and innocent townsfolk in need of assistance, Dragon Quest XI has plenty of avenues for players to embark on an adventure and craft the legend of their chosen hero to their choosing. That said, they’ll need to make sure they’re decked out with the best equipment and items around, or else they’ll quickly find themselves back at the church following a decisive thrashing at the hands of one of the game’s many enemies.

As such, players will need all of the gold they can carry to buy new equipment and stay stocked up on healing items. Gold is typically earned by selling valuable items and materials or, more frequently, defeating enemies through battle. However, valuable items and materials frequently end up providing better bonuses if they’re held onto, and relying on battles could mean grinding for hours.

A more expedient solution is to pick up Drasilian Shillings, a rare valuable that is meant entirely to be sold for large amounts of coin. These are scattered around the world of Erdrea, but as long as you’re keeping an eye out for shiny spots you’re bound to come across a few. Additionally, once you’ve reached the Gyldenhal in the Sniflheim region, you can grind there as most of the enemies you encounter will be golden. These special foes drop higher amounts of gold by several degrees, and after spending some time dispatching as many as you can, your coffers should be good and ready to fund your next batch of equipment upgrades.

Dragon Quest XI is set to release on PlayStation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch. For more on the game, check out our review as well as our wiki for everything you need to know about the game.

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