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Dragon Quest XI: Is There a Difficulty Trophy? What You Need to Know


Dragon Quest XI: Is There a Difficulty Trophy? What You Need to Know

Is There a Difficulty Trophy in Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age?

The Dragon Quest series boasts hours upon hours of content, and the latest main entry continues this tradition. In light of this, trophy hunters might be wondering if certain trophies are tied to a difficulty setting in Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, as redoing 100 hours of gameplay might prove repetitive for some. So, does Dragon Quest XI have a difficulty setting-related trophy?

Short answer: no. This traditional RPG title does not have a trophy based on a difficulty setting. In fact, the game does not have any difficulty levels, instead offering Draconian Quest options at the start of the game for those that want to experience a more difficult playthrough.

Basically, the Draconian Quest places certain challenges or restrictions during certain sections of the game. Some enemies will also become stronger when this feature is activated. The Draconian Quest can be lifted at any church in the game at any point of your playthrough, but this option can no longer be reactivated on your save file once removed. Because of this, make sure you think twice before making a decision. Regardless of whether you finish the game with the Draconian Quest, you will not receive a trophy for your effort.

Dragon Quest XI is a fairly accessible JRPG that slowly increases in complexity as you further progress in the game. While it does not have a difficulty trophy, playing with the Draconian Quest options should make the overall experience more satisfying for those who want a more intense game right off the bat. This should also make grinding more enjoyable and fun without making battles too easy later on.

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