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Best Anime of 2017: Must Watch Anime Series You’ll Want to Binge


Best Anime of 2017: Must Watch Anime Series You’ll Want to Binge

Guaranteed to be marathon worthy.

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Thankfully, 2017 brought us a whole lot of great new anime to enjoy and binge on our Netflix and Hulu accounts. Here’s the best anime of 2017 that you must (and can) watch right now. We took our time hand-picking these, so I hope it can be of help! Enjoy and be sure to leave a comment down below with your favorites! By the way, if you’re looking for more of our best anime lists, here’s our list for the best anime of 2018.

Best Anime of 2017 (Must Watch Anime)

Little Witch Academia

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Starting off our list of best anime from 2017, Little Witch Academia feels like someone took the best elements of Harry Potter and Studio Ghibli, and smashed those together into a fun, light-hearted anime. The show follows a young witch-in-training named Atsuko “Akko” Kagari, who’s dreamed of becoming a witch ever since seeing her idol Shiny Chariot perform when she was a child. As Akko heads to Luna Nova Magical Academy for her first year, she makes two close friends in the shy Lotte Hanson and sarcastic Sucy Manbavaran.

Little Witch Academia follows the exploits of these three friends and the other girls at Luna Nova. They attend classes, unravel magical mysteries, meet mythical creatures, and discover the truth about bringing magic back to the world proper. The focus on school elements certainly give off a kind of Harry Potter vibe, while the phenomenal animation from Studio Trigger adds some real personality and style.

Akko and the others are all fun, well-defined characters and for the most part each episode presents a new mystery or theme, with overarching stories weaving in throughout the season. Little Witch Academia is another fantastic show from Studio Trigger, and while it’s much more light-hearted than their previous works, it’s just as engaging. A shoe-in for one of the best anime of 2017.

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