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We Happy Few: How to Fast Travel


We Happy Few: How to Fast Travel

How to Fast Travel in We Happy Few

After years of development and a lengthy Early Access period, We Happy Few has finally arrived as a fully-fledged release. Compared to what you might have played previously, the game has a wealth of new content and a fairly meaty narrative that binds everything together. Just as before, the sandbox is surprisingly big, and especially since you’ll be moving backward and forward-looking for materials to craft, you’ll want a way to traverse as quickly as possible throughout the game. Here’s how to fast travel in We Happy Few, and the resources you’ll need to do it.

In We Happy Few, a vast tunnel system connects the game’s different areas, and these can be accessed via special hatches. Essentially, when you’re wanting to fast travel, keep an eye out for these hatches. Before you can actually use them to fast travel in We Happy Few, however, you’ll need to restore power to the room and flip a nearby level. To actually do so requires you to have certain resources and items on hand. These include lockpicks, jimmy bars, and a repair kit. That’s all you need to fashion the various equipment required to bring the hatch to life and save it as a fast travel point you can move in between.

That’s all the information you should need to fast travel. No more hauling your sorry but around Wellington Wells! For more useful guides, tips, and tricks on We Happy Few, check out our extensive wiki page.

We Happy Few is a survival game from Gearbox Software with a unique setting that is heavily inspired by Aldous Huxley’s dystopian novel, Brave New World. Similar to that seminal literary piece, the citizens in We Happy Few use drugs to keep themselves in a happy mood, and the government extorts this to their benefit as a form of control. The game’s main protagonist, however, seeks to break free from oppression and fight back against the programming that is brainwashing the population of Wellington Wells.

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