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We Happy Few: How to Get Lockpicks


We Happy Few: How to Get Lockpicks

Not surprising to anyone, there are a lot of locked doors, chests, and other containers in We Happy Few. Everyone may be happy thanks to the Joy they’re taking, but even they want to protect their belongings. To get past these locks, you’ll need to get yourself some lockpicks. Luckily, they’re easier to find than food.

Lockpicks can be found in searchable containers (chests, crates, dressers, garbage cans, mailboxes, etc.) or on NPCs you’ve taken out. They can also be crafted using only one Metal Bit. In fact, the lockpick recipe is among the very first you learn in We Happy Few right after waking up after the prologue.

Once you have some lockpicks, find something you need to get into and hold “Y” to pick the lock. It’s not possible to fail at lock picking in We Happy Few, and the action takes about 4 seconds. You should note that it is considered a crime, so if anyone sees you, they will either call for the Bobbies (police) or attack you themselves. This can be pretty annoying, so make sure to clear an area out and do a bit of searching around before breaking into something.

Once you pick the lock you’re free to open whatever container you’ve cracked and loot its contents, or proceed into whatever room was trying to keep you out.

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