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Overwatch Summer Games 2018: All Highlight Intros & Emotes


Overwatch Summer Games 2018: All Highlight Intros & Emotes

All New Summer Games 2018 Highlight Intros and Emotes in Overwatch

Overwatch Summer games is back for another year, and with it, a whole new set of cosmetic items for players to try and unlock. Along with the ability to get items that have released in both 2016 and 2017, new skins, sprays, voice lines and more are now available as well.

After the new skins, the next most popular and rare items you can get are emotes and highlight intros. Only two highlight intros and one emote are new with the 2018 Summer Games, but they are probably ones you are going to want.

The first highlight intro is for Moira. Entitled “Serve”, it shows her hitting one of her own Biotic Orbs with a swerving shot with a tennis racket

The second and arguably cutest highlight intro is for Orisa, who uses her shield as a goal behind her while she attempts to block a series of soccer balls from going behind her. After a while, she gets frustrated and uses her “Halt!” orb to suck all of them together. The highlight intro is called “Goalkeeper” and is a great one to have so make sure to pick it up before the event is over.

Finally, there was one emote released for Mei. It shows her playing ping-pong with her robot buddy Snowball. After a few volleys, Snowballs misses a shot and causes the ping pong ball to fall on the floor. The kind heart she is, Mei cheers him up with a little pat on the head.

The emote is called “Table Tennis”, and joins the other four Summer Games emotes that have released in the past.

That concludes all the new highlight intros and emotes to released for Overwatch’s Summer Games 2018 seasonal event. For more Summer Games, check out some tips and tricks to amp up your Lucioball skills this year.

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