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Monster Hunter World: How to Get Behemoth Armor


Monster Hunter World: How to Get Behemoth Armor

How to Get Behemoth Armor in Monster Hunter World

As part of the Final Fantasy XIV and Monster Hunter World crossover event, the Behemoth has left the world of Eorzea and found its way into the Elder Recess. Find and slay this foul beast in order to gain some sweet new armor in Monster Hunter World.

Getting the new Drachen armor in Monster Hunter World is no easy feat so be prepared for the long haul. In order to even begin collecting the required materials, you must complete the special assignment given to you by the Serious Handler found in the Tradeyard. After investigating what’s been going on around the Wildspire Waste and slaying a Kulu-Ya-Ku that will give you a run for your money, you will finally be on your way to collecting the required parts for the armor. Once you finally go toe to toe with this creature you will be able to see the Drachen armor set in the Workshop. For the complete set you will need the following items:

  • Behemoth Mane x9
  • Behemoth Bone x13
  • Behemoth Great Horn x2
  • Aeheryte Shard x3
  • Behemoth Shearclaw x3
  • Dragonbone Relic x2
  • Behemoth Tail x2
  • Novacrystal x2
  • Firecell Stone x2

Almost all of these are obtained by simply defeating it and harvesting the remains. To obtain the Novacrystal, Firecell stones, and Dragonbone Relics you must defeat other Elder Dragons in The New World. Get ready to fight this monster multiple times in order to gain all the parts needed to craft this new armor, but it is well worth the time and effort. This armor focuses on the Critical Eye ability as well as Attack Boost and Critical Boost. Did we also mention how sweet the Drachen armor looks?

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