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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate: How to Switch to Prowler Mode & Play as a Palico


Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate: How to Switch to Prowler Mode & Play as a Palico

How to Switch to Prowler Mode in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Palico are in pretty much every Monster Hunter game in the series, and the same goes for Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. However, the interesting thing about this particular entry is that not only can you recruit the Palico to help you during quests, but you can also play as the cute little cat-like creatures in Prowler Mode. They’ll be a little weak in terms of damage output, but they can be helpful in several other ways in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

First off, you have to actually get a Palico in your game before you can switch to Prowler Mode. To do this, head to the path on the right side of the village and press A to go to the Palico Ranch. From here, talk to Meowstress NPC and she’ll get you set up with your first Palico. After that, head back to the entrance of the Palico Ranch and look for the board. Interact with it, and you should be able to set your new Palico as your designated Prowler from the menu. At the very top of the board menu, you’ll see a Prowler Mode option, and all you have to do is press A to select it, and confirm that you want to play Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate in that mode. Now, you’ll take control of a Palico. If you have two other Palico in your care, they can also accompany you on quests.

Playing in Prowler Mode is generally recommended for quests where your only task is to mine or gather resources. Palico don’t have to worry about their pickaxes or bug nets breaking, so you don’t have to constantly craft them whenever they break. However, the trade-off is that they’re weaker when it comes to dealing damage, and they can’t make use of Hunter Styles and Arts.

That’s all you need to know about Prowler Mode in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more information on Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

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