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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate: Is it Coming to PS4? What You Need to Know


Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate: Is it Coming to PS4? What You Need to Know

Is Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Coming to PS4? What You Need to Know

The Monster Hunter franchise has lately been seen more predominantly on Nintendo systems, with Monster Hunter Tri being exclusive to the Wii and Monster Hunter 4 being exclusive to the 3DS. Just this year was the first time that the series has been seen on current-gen systems like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with the release of Monster Hunter: World. But with this debut of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, a port of a Japanese-only 3DS game, it seems to only be releasing on the Nintendo Switch and no other consoles.

Monster Hunter Generations originally came out on the 3DS back in 2016, but people in Japan received an upgraded port of the game, titled Monster Hunter XX, which added in new monsters and weapons. What makes Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate so different from other games in the series like the recent Monster Hunter: World is the inclusion of Hunting Arts, which are super flashy special attacks that require you to charge up a gauge in order to use it. Some of these moves allow you to fly up in the air, pummeling monsters with your sword on the way down, other arts letting you dodge big attacks at just the last second. It’s the flashiest of the Monster Hunter games and combat just makes you feel really cool and stylish. It’s unfortunate that PS4, PC, and Xbox One players won’t be able to experience this entry in the series anytime soon, but who knows. With the garnered success of Monster Hunter: World here in the west, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Capcom port this one over to the other consoles.

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