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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate: How to Get Armor Spheres

Monster Hunter Ultimate Generations Ultimate

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate: How to Get Armor Spheres

How to Get Armor Spheres in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is hitting the Nintendo Switch next week, and we’re here to help players get their bearings. It’s been a while for Nintendo home console owners, so we want to get you back up to snuff so you’re ready to go for Generations. One of the most important skills a player needs is the ability to keep their armor is good shape. Defense against giant monsters is crucial to surviving, and upgrading your armor is the best way to keep your defense strong.

Armor spheres are what you’ll be using to improve your armor in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. You’ll also need zenny (money,) and material points, which come from monster parts. For this guide, we’ll focus on armor spheres. At the beginning of the game, armor spheres are nowhere to be found, however. In order to acquire armor spheres, you’ll have to complete several quests. After you’ve hit that milestone, you’ll receive a few spheres, and be given a lesson on how to use them.

After that point, you’ll be able to buy the low-grade armor spheres from Neko using Wycademy points. Buying them is by far the easiest way to obtain these spheres, but there are a couple of other ways, too. They’re possible to get via mining but are much more rare than regular ores. Additionally, armor spheres are a quest reward for some quests. Another alternate option for getting some armor spheres is by crafting them yourself, by combining an armor stone and machalite ore.

That does it for how to get armor spheres in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. For more tips, tricks, FAQs answered and more, be sure to search Twinfinite and check our wiki. Best of luck out there hunters. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate was released August 28, 2018.

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