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Warframe: How to Get Excalibur Umbra


Warframe: How to Get Excalibur Umbra

How to Get Excalibur Umbra in Warframe

Just as its name would suggest, Excalibur Umbra is a Warframe of devastating power, boasting higher armor and energy than its lighter contemporary, as well as claiming three additional Umbra polarities at the cost of a single Vazarin. It boasts sentience that allows it to operate independently of the Operator, and it just looks plain badass, to boot.

To acquire this fearsome Warframe, you will have to progress through the quest known as The Sacrifice. This quest chain starts in the Codex, and is undertaken over multiple individual tasks. Completion of the first mission will yield the blueprints for Excalibur Umbra, while the ability to actually build the Warframe will not be awarded until the second mission has been successfully finished.

From the single blueprint, you will be able to craft the Excalibur Umbra, however you will have to progress further through the Sacrifice quest chain in order to actually use it, as you won’t receive this distinction until the penultimate mission.

Upon completing this quest, you will receive the Excalibur Umbra, fully ranked and ready to roll, equipped with an Orokin Reactor and a Warframe slot, to boot. Because of its unique nature, it cannot be bought nor sold from the Marketplace, so if you were intending on hawking off your fancy new toy for a handsome price, you’ll have to reconsider.

Besides, with the sweet abilities the Excalibur Umbra comes packed with, why would you ever want to think of shilling something this awesome to some lousy vender?

For more tips, tricks, guides and strategies on Warframe and more, stick right here on Twinfinite. We’ve got everything you need to know, including the meaning of the term ‘umbra’. Spoiler alert: it translates to shadow. …Who knows what else you’ll learn along the way?

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