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Octopath Traveler: What Odds and Ends Do


Octopath Traveler: What Odds and Ends Do

What Odds and Ends Do in Octopath Traveler

Square Enix’s throwback JRPG, Octopath Traveler, has finally arrived, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. And as the game’s title suggests, you follow the paths of eight different characters. As their stories overlap, you head out on adventures as part of a squad, taking on groups on enemies, and upgrading your characters. You can buy items, receive them as a reward after the battle, and find them in chests that are littered around the world. The items include various potions that help in battle, weapons and armor pieces that improve your characters’ stats, and trinkets that can be sold for money in shops. One of the items you’ll likely come across during your travels is Odds and Ends, but you might not know what they’re for. Here’s everything you need to know about what they do, and what you should use them for.

Odds and Ends don’t have a particular use, per se, in Octopath Traveler. As is the case with many other items in the game, such as Old Coin, their only benefit is their monetary value. You don’t get anything out of having Odds and Ends in your inventory, so you should sell them to a vendor whenever you have the chance. Even the description in shops suggests that they should be sold. Odds and Ends aren’t worth a huge amount of money, but you can use the money to buy new weapons or armor, on to stock up on healing potions. Either way, there’s no reason to hoard them. They’ll take up an inventory space and limited your spending power slightly.

That’s all you need to know about what Odds and Ends do in Octopath Traveler. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our wiki guide.

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