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Octopath Traveler: Ending Explained


Octopath Traveler: Ending Explained

Octopath Traveler’s Ending Explained

Octopath Traveler features eight different characters with separate stories that are standalone for the most part, though there are some recurring themes. This article features major spoilers for the endings of each story, so look away if you want to go into Octopath Traveler completely fresh.


In her final chapter, Ophila heads to Wispermill to convince Lianna that corrupting the flame won’t help bring Josef back. Just as Mattias is about to complete the ritual to summon Galdera, Ophilia reminds Lianna of Josef’s words from when they were younger: that all life must come to an end, but people would continue to live on as long as you remembered them. With that, Lianna changes her mind about the ritual, and Ophilia is able to take Mattias down before he can do any damage. The townspeople of Wispermill also begin to accept the guidance of the Flame once more.

After her story ends, we get to catch up with Lianna once again, who wants to atone for her mistakes. Together with Eliza, she goes back to Wispermill to see how she can help. We also have the option of helping the town get rid of the remaining cultists in the forest to restore order to Wispermill.


In the final chapter, we find out that Headmaster Yvon wasn’t the true mastermind; instead, it was his apprentice Lucia who was pulling the strings all along. In Duskbarrow, Cyrus finds ancient Hornburgian ruins, as well as a secret library full of tomes that were thought to be lost. Lucia says that she and Cyrus aren’t that different, and with their thirst for knowledge, they could make full use of the dark magic in From the Far Reaches of Hell to achieve greater heights. Cyrus refuses and manages to defeat her.

Cyrus then examines her secret library and decides that he wants to use this knowledge for good and make sure it never falls into the wrong hands. We also learn about the Gate of Finis among the tomes.


Tressa’s journey finally brings her to the Merchants’ Fair in Grandport, where she meets Noa, the daughter of Aston Wyndham. She then finds out that the fair is all for Noa, as well as Aston’s desire to give his daughter something she truly likes. Tressa initially wants to use the eldrite as her submission for the fair, but when a woman dressed in black steals her diary, she is waylaid. Tressa eventually manages to defeat the woman, named Esmeralda, and takes back the diary.

During the fair, Tressa offers the diary and says that it’s full of her own adventures and experiences. With the diary, she hopes that Noa would be inspired to go on her own adventures as well. Noa is mesmerized by Tressa’s passion, and Aston buys it for her. Later on, we meet a diarist who tells Tressa that he was the one who had crafted that journal. It used to be owned by a man named Graham Crossford, an adventurer who traveled around the world. Tressa decides to go home to Rippletide.


Olberic manages to track down Werner, the leader of Erhardt’s mercenary band, at Riverford. He teams up with the resistance in the town to infiltrate Werner’s manor, and eventually strikes him down. When asked why he wanted to take down the Hornburg empire, Werner simply reveals that Hornburg was supposedly where the Gate of Finis was located, before dying shortly after.

Olberic returns to Cobbleston, where he is reunited with the young boy Philip.


After finding out that Simeon was the mastermind, she goes to Everhold to confront him. Simeon reveals that he had written a whole play about her childhood, and taunts her further. We find out that Primrose had been feeling aimless ever since her father died, and she was only consumed by the thought of revenge.

After she kills Simeon, she finally goes to visit her father’s grave. She says that she still doesn’t quite know what her purpose in life is, but she’ll keep going until she finds it.


When Ogen falls sick, Alfyn is able to recognize some of the symptoms he’s exhibiting. Alfyn recalls that he had suffered from a similar illness when he was younger, and he was rescued by the mysterious man who inspired him to become an apothecary in the first place. He manages to recall the ingredients needed to brew the elixir, and he ends up saving Ogen.

Later on, we learn that the apothecary who saved Alfyn had also saved Ogen once before. His name was Graham Crossford, the same adventurer who wrote in the diary that eventually passed on to Tressa.


After retrieving the final dragonstone from Darius, Therion takes back the three stones to Cordelia and Heathcote. When he asks why they were so important in the first place, Heathcote reveals that these dragonstones were required in a ritual to open the Gate of Finis. As promised, Heathcote also removes the fool’s bangle on Therion’s wrist, though we find out that he had actually already undone the lock some time ago.

Therion decides to leave, and when Cordelia asks what he intends to do, he says he just plans on going wherever his feet take him.


When she arrives at Marsalim, H’aanit finds out that the city guard and the Knights Ardante have already located the fearsome Redeye. Armed with her herbs from Stillsnow, she and Linde head into the ruins to confront the beast. When she defeats it, H’aanit notes that Redeye was unlike any beast she had ever faced before, and that she could not discern its emotions or any kind of feeling from it.

Nevertheless, killing Redeye frees all of its victims from the petrification curse, including her master. She reunites with him and recounts her journey as they walk on.

Post-Game, and How Everything Connects

In the Gate of Finis, we learn more about how Lyblac had manipulated multiple people into opening the Gate for her, and allowing her to summon Galdera. It all started with House Ravus, the family that was entrusted with the legendary dragonstones. The sorcerer Odin Crossford had used them to seal shut the Gate of Finis so that Galdera would never enter the mortal world. The king of Hornburg, Beowulf, then passed the stones to his loyal knight, who was the head of House Ravus.

It’s never explicitly stated how Lyblac opened the Gate again, but we can assume that she had stolen the stones before Therion’s story begins, and explains why Heathcote and Cordelia needed someone to retrieve them. We’re also introduced to Graham Crossford, who was a descendant of Odin himself. He was an apothecary, and when his wife fell ill from a severe illness, he sought to create an elixir for her. However, he was too late, and his wife passed away. Graham then used the elixir to save a young Alfyn instead, and this inspired him to become an apothecary just like him. After that, Lyblac approached Graham and told him that he could see his wife again if he helped her open the Gate of Finis. She needed Crossford blood to complete the ritual, and while Graham was tempted, he also resolved to follow her and try to foil her plan. If he failed, he knew that she would turn her sights to his son, Kit.

Just as the ritual was getting started, Graham started to transform into a beast. He lashed out at Lyblac and managed to escape, but found himself losing more of his humanity. This is how he became Redeye, the beast that H’aanit and Z’aanta were tasked with hunting. Because Lyblac was unable to use Graham to open the Gate in the end, she started searching for Kit.

Another part of the ritual required Lyblac to produce a black flame to summon Galdera. To do this, she made use of Mattias by granting him eternal life, and having him infiltrate the ranks of the church. His plan was to kill Josef, and manipulate Lianna into being a vestal for the ritual. However, as we know, Ophilia eventually foils his plan by becoming the Flamebearer herself, and was able to save Lianna. It’s not really clear how Lyblac could open the Gate since everything seemed to be resolved in Ophilia’s story, but for the moment, we’re assuming that the creation of the black flame was enough to open it, despite it being snuffed out at the end.

Lyblac had also gained information about the Gate itself by using Lucia and Yvon. With the help of Lucia, they manipulated Yvon into killing the previous headmaster of Atlasdam so that he could assume the position for himself. Together, they were able to uncover more dark tomes and detailed information about blood crystals, which we assume is what Lyblac needed in order to use the Crossfords to open the Gate.

Meanwhile, Graham had been detailing his travels in his journal. We eventually find out that he meets Leon while looking for a ship to take him to where Lyblac is waiting for him, and he offers his journal to Leon as compensation. This is how Tressa comes across the journal when she meets Leon in Rippletide. The journal doesn’t actually detail his dealings with Lyblac, but rather his travels across the world as he was trying to brew the elixir for his wife.

Lastly, Lyblac sought to bring down the kingdom of Hornburg itself so that she could have easier access to the Gate of Finis. To do this, she made use of Werner, and gave him all the funding he needed to form a mercenary band to take it down from the inside. As we know, Werner made use of Erhardt to betray the king.

Primrose is the only character who seems to have a very loose connection to this whole saga. Her father, Geoffrey had found out about the Obsidians years before his death. He sought to destroy the organization, and in doing so, he found out that they were assisting Mattias in his attempts to infiltrate the church and to open the Gate of Finis. Primrose just wanted to kill them for revenge.

That’s every ending explained in Octopath Traveler. Be sure to check our wiki for more information on the game.

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