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No Man’s Sky NEXT: How to Open Locked Crates & Where to Find Them


No Man’s Sky NEXT: How to Open Locked Crates & Where to Find Them

How to Open Locked Crates & Where to Find Them in No Man’s Sky NEXT

Making discoveries, exploring different planets, and finding new items are some of the biggest things you’ll be spending hours on in No Man’s Sky NEXT, and following the recent update, players have much more ground to cover. Throughout your journey, you might come across large locked boxes in the game, just waiting for you to open them up. With that said, here’s how to open locked crates and where to find them as well in No Man’s Sky NEXT.

There’s no better feeling than unearthing locked crates and being rewarded with some useful items. Before anything else, however, it’s worth noting that these locked crates are actually called artifact crates that can be found in ruins. If you haven’t been here before, these locations are basically alien structures that are scattered throughout different planets in No Man’s Sky NEXT. To find ruins, you want to be on the lookout for alien plaques while using your Analysis Visor, or you can just solve the puzzles at the terminal to pinpoint a ruin’s location in No Man’s Sky NEXT.

When you’re finally in the ruins in No Man’s Sky NEXT, you want to take out your Analysis Visor to search for any locked crates in the vicinity. When found, just use your Terrain Manipulator to pull it up. Since it’s locked, you will need to go on another treasure hunt to find three Ancient Keys to open it up in No Man’s Sky NEXT. Using your Analysis Visor again, you can locate artifact fragments lying around the area which can be picked up with the Terrain Manipulator. Three fragments create one key, and you will need three of them to open up locked crates in No Man’s Sky NEXT.

If you’re wondering what’s inside, locked crates contain valuable treasure that will fetch a high price when sold. Take a look at our expansive wiki for more tips and tricks on No Man’s Sky NEXT.


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