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FIFA 18: Is Vinicius Jr in the Game? What You Need to Know


FIFA 18: Is Vinicius Jr in the Game? What You Need to Know

Is Vinicius Jr in FIFA 18? What You Need to Know

Vinicius Jr, the Brazilian starlet, has just been unveiled at Real Madrid’s Bernabeu Stadium, finalizing his protracted move from his native country. He’s an 18-year-old forward who has been at the top of ‘most exciting prospects in football’ lists for the last couple of years. Real Madrid bought him from Flamengo last year, but since he was just 17 at the time, he had to stay at the club for another year, due to regulations in Brazil that prevent players moving before their 18th birthday. Now that he’s old enough, the move has been completed and he’s a Real Madrid player. You may be wondering, therefore, whether Vinicius Jr is in FIFA 18 so that you can add his blistering pace to your squad.

Unfortunately, Vinicius Jr is not currently in FIFA 18, but that will probably change very soon. Due to long protracted licensing issues, which have been happening since FIFA 14, the Brazilian league isn’t fully licensed on FIFA. A lot of the players aren’t named properly, and some teams are missing. Flamengo, Vinicius Jr’s previous team, is one of those missing teams, so he’s not in the game as of yet. Konami’s PES series has an exclusivity deal for the Brazilian League, so Flamengo can be found there.

However, since Vinicius Jr has made his move to Real Madrid, there’s a real possibility that he’ll appear in FIFA 18 soon. EA Sports has been adding in waves of transferred cards to Ultimate Team over the past few weeks. Just yesterday, the ST and Juventus version of Cristiano Ronaldo was added to the mode. Vinicius Jr will probably get a Real Madrid card in the coming days or weeks, now that he is not tied to the Brazilian league. For other modes, however, you’ll probably have to wait until FIFA 19.

That’s all you need to know about whether Vinicius Jr is in FIFA 18. For more on the game, check out our wiki guide.

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