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7 Anime Like Megalo Box if You’re Looking for Something Similar


7 Anime Like Megalo Box if You’re Looking for Something Similar

When Megalo Box was announced to air during the spring 2018 season, no one could have imagined it would end up as one of the anime community’s favorites by the final episode. Ripe with interesting characters, a ’90s and early 2000s aesthetic, an enrapturing soundtrack and all the trademarks of quality Shonen and sports anime, it was a show that exemplified overcoming the odds both in its content and its ability to stand out in a season packed with heavy hitters. Once viewers have seen the credits roll on the final episode though, the need for a similarly stellar show will be stronger than ever, and the wellspring of shows like it could make for a long-winded search. To that end, we’ve got you covered with our pick of seven shows to watch if you’re looking for something to scratch that Megalo Box itch.

Michiko and Hatchin

Anime Like Megalo Box if You’re Looking for Something Similar

A bit of an outlier even among the more niche anime, Michiko and Hatchin tells the tale of two characters brought together while on the hunt for a deadbeat boyfriend-turned-father Hiroshi: Michiko, a convict on the run after escaping from a high security prison in search of her runaway love; and Hatchin, an orphan looking to escape her abusive foster parents in the hopes a finding her true family. Their hunt quickly becomes perilous as their journey takes them into the seedy underbelly of South America, with more than a few gangsters just as determined as they are to find Hiroshi to settle old scores.

With a cast of characters as colorful as the world around them, it can be easy to lose oneself in this show for episode upon episode. It also doesn’t help that the soundtrack is a masterclass of finely picked beats, making for an experience that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

Sword of the Stranger

Anime Like Megalo Box if You’re Looking for Something Similar

While Megalo Box is the tale of two boxers from different sides of fate clashing for proof of their strength, Sword of the Stranger builds to a confrontation between the mysterious samurai Nanashi and the western swordsman Luo-Lang, each masters in their own right looking to achieve their own goals. Building from a chance encounter early on into a full-on fight to the death by the film’s climax – and one of the greatest anime fights of all time at that – it is the definition of a well-executed rivalry with a fitting conclusion to boot.

To say that’s all this film offers would be a disservice however; alongside this great character dynamic is an engrossing tale of redemption, stunning art and music, and some excellent direction overall. For a sure-fire way to make the most of a few hours, look no further than this spectacular movie.

Samurai Champloo

Anime Like Megalo Box if You’re Looking for Something Similar


While much has been said of this series’ phenomenal soundtrack (and deservedly so, thanks to the masterful blending of hip-hop  into Edo-period Japan), Samurai Champloo is also a fantastic example of a show meant to prioritize the journey over the destination. Following the samurai Mugen and Jin as they guard a women named Foo who is in search of her father, the series follows them through a myriad of conflicts, struggles and adventures, with more than a few of them centered around Mugen and Jin’s burning desire to clash steel.

Before long though, it becomes clear that neither cares about winning so much as the fight itself, making for an intriguing study of what drives the main characters and what they’re really searching for in the first place.


Anime Like Megalo Box if You’re Looking for Something Similar

When Megalo Box first started to take hold among the anime fandom, many of the first comparisons made were to Redline, the tale of an intergalactic race open to any and all willing to pursue the title of greatest racer alive. The protagonist, JP, is one such person, eager to escape his life of fixed races and to pursue his life long dream of being a true racer. To this end, he takes on some of the worst the galaxy has to offer, from vicious gangsters to ruthless despots in a bid to break free from his fate.

Past their nearly identical main character arcs, this film and Megalo Box also share the merits of having drop-dead gorgeous visuals, hypnotic soundtracks and some truly touching character moments. The hours will fly by as your eyes become glued to the action of cars careening at light speed across cosmic tracks and your ears are filled with the electric, sci-fi beats of its soundtrack.

Cowboy Bebop

Anime Like Megalo Box if You’re Looking for Something Similar

A hallmark among the great shows of the ’90s and of anime in general, Cowboy Bebop is a must for anyone who enjoys a lovable cast of characters. Set in the far-flung future where mankind has taken to the stars, the series follows the crew of the Bebop – Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine, Edward Wong and Jet – as they hunt down fugitives in the hopes of scoring another day’s meal. This is easier said than done though, as the crew’s different personalities and goals often lead to a variety of issues between their finding their targets and successfully capturing them.

With each adventure spent alongside the crew though, they become more and more endearing, working their way into your heart all the while. By the time you reach the last episode, you’ll wish you could spend more time with all of them, and may very well be tempted to start the series all over again.

Hajime no Ippo

Anime Like Megalo Box if You’re Looking for Something Similar

It’s arguable that Hajime no Ippo isn’t just a great boxing anime, but THE boxing anime. Following the journey of Ippo, a former victim of bullying who turns his life around thanks to boxing and the friends he makes through it, the series grows and improves so much from its first season to its last that it’s easy to compare other boxing anime, Megalo Box included, against the bar it sets. Every match feels like a battle for one’s life, with each punch made to feel, sound and look as impactful as possible.

That’s to say nothing of the way it builds upon both Ippo and those he meets, giving ample reason to root for both his friends and opponents to at least some degree. Even if boxing or sports aren’t your thing, there’s plenty to love about this stellar series, and at over 100 episodes in length, you won’t run out of content to lose yourself in anytime soon.

Ashita no Joe

Anime Like Megalo Box if You’re Looking for Something Similar


Even after 50 years, there’s still something to be said of this classic Shonen sports anime. The story is much the same as Megalo Box (no big surprise, considering Megalo Box was a celebration of the property’s 50th anniversary): An underdog boxer seeks to make his way to the top, taking on the best in the world to prove he’s the legitimate article in a world that only ever thought otherwise of him. Where Megalo throws in elements of sci-fi and cyberpunk though, Ashita is a strictly realistic affair straight to the end, with fighters clashing against each other with their fists and ideals alone. Though it may not be as crisp and smooth as some of the other entries, the show is a classic for a reason and its characters and writing still hold up to this day. Whether you’re a die-hard anime buff or just a fan of good storytelling, do yourself the favor of watching this phenomenal series.

know of some other great shows in the vein of Megalo Box? Mention them in the comments below, and check out another of our features on Megalo Box including how it captures everything that was great about ’90s anime.

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