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Vampyr: How to Get Watery Sturdy Blood Sample


Vampyr: How to Get Watery Sturdy Blood Sample

How to Get Watery Sturdy Blood Sample in Vampyr

In Vampyr, crafting different serums to regenerate your health, stamina, and blood is absolutely crucial. Of course, you can rely on using your Authophagy skill to convert blood to health, and use your bite to restore blood, but when push really comes to shove during the harder combat encounters, you’ll want a serum to regenerate instantly. To regenerate your health, you obviously use the Regeneration Serum in either its Green, Blue, or Purple variety. One of the key ingredients is Watery Sturdy Blood Sample, and to be honest, it’s among the only resources in the game you might struggle to locate since you’ll be using regeneration serum the most often.

So where do you actually find Watery Sturdy Blood Sample in Vampyr? Well, you’ll need to gather it from corpses’ of defeated Skal and Sewer Beasts. Their blood is the key ingredient here that you’re after, and so it can literally only be found by killing them. Whether that particular resource drops is somewhat random, but more often than not that’s the resource you’ll harvest from their dead bodies. So if you’re in need of Watery Sturdy Blood Sample, go out and kill Skals.

That’s all you need to know about that particular resource and where to find it in Vampyr. For more information on the game, check out our wiki page.

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